Songs about gambling: Ultimate Gambling Songs of All Time

Songs about gambling: Ultimate Gambling Songs of All Time

best songs about gambling

Music will and always been a part of our life. Whether we are in love, sad, happy, angry, or whatever we do, there will always a song that accompanies us. And this includes betting. Here is the list of all-time favourite songs about gambling. 

Ultimate Songs about Gambling

Gamble song #1. The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

The Gambler is one of the all-time favourite and best songs about gambling. This song talks about the experienced poker player on a train and the betting advice he said. Even though it been released in 1978, the word of wisdom still reflects and relevant today. 

Gamble song #2. Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Looking for a song about gambling? Poker Face definitely will not go out on the list. Who wouldn’t love the upbeat music of poker face? The song poker face talks about concealing your true emotions. And if you want to play poker games, you must have learned this trick to conceal your game plan. By having a poker face, your opponents will have a hard time guessing your next move. 

songs about gambling
What are hottest songs about gambling?

Gamble song #3. Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

Viva Las Vegas is one of the classic songs about gambling. As soon as you hear the song, you will feel like you’ve been brought inside the casino. If you are in some serious game, the beat of Viva Las Vegas will set you in the mode. 

Gamble song #4. The Winner Takes It All by Abba 

Best songs about gambling? Although the song is inspired by Bjorn’s divorce, it becomes a popular hit to casino goer. “The winner takes all” lyrics perfectly fit the betting scene. It says that if the gambler wins, he could take all the bets in the pots. 

Gamble song #5. Shape of my Heart by Sting 

This song is all about a poker player who wants to plays and understand the mystery of luck and the fate of gambling. And he is not betting to win. Surely, this one should never miss the list of best songs for gamblers. 

Gamble song #6. Ace of Spades by Motorhead 

Although it is named after the poker card, this song is inspired by slot machines. The lyrics of Ac of Spaced talk a lot about gambling. Searching for songs about gambling? So, this one will surely set you in the mood to hit the winning combination. 

Songs about gambling #7. Countin by 2 Chainz 

Do you love to listen to hip-hop songs while gambling? Countin is certainly the one for you. The song talks a lot about the pain of losing in a game. 

Gambling song #8. Tumbling Dice by Rolling Stones 

Looking for songs about gambling? Set your gambling mood with the boogie-woogie rhythm of this song. Moreover, Tumbling Dice is inspired by the ins and outs of Craps. And, it talks about the story of an unfaithful gambler. 

Gambling song #9. Desperado by The Eagles

Desperado is one of the hottest songs about gambling. The song is all about a person imprisoned by his loneliness. And the lyrics refer a lot to the famous poker cards. 

Songs about gambling #10. When You’re Hot, You’re Hot by Jerry Reed

This Jerry Reed’s classic is one of the all-time favourite songs about gambling. Also, the lyric talks about the singer’s gambling experience. It’s all about his winning streak in an illegal game of Craps. Not to mention, this gamble song interprets the ups and downs of the life of a gambler. 

Gambling song #11. Deal by Grateful Dead

Next time you are looking for the best songs about gambling, don’t forget Deal. Also, this song gives a meaningful message about gambling. Then, you should not let your deal go down as it will cost you a lot to win. Also, you will lose even more when you are not able to win the game. 

Gambling song #12. Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra

Looking for the best songs that will inspire you? Surely, Luck Be A Lady is all about a player you hope to win the game. Then, this gamble song tells a story of whether the player can save his relationship with the woman of his dreams. 

Gambling song #13. Deck of Cards by Don Williams

This gamble song talks about a soldier who was caught playing cards inside the church. So, to save himself from a sentence, the soldier explains that he wasn’t playing poker. But instead, he was confirming his faith with the deck of cards. 

Gambling song #14. You Can’t Beat The House by Mark Knopfler 

This gamble song talks about the live casino in Singapore. Wherein, no matter what you do to win, you cannot beat the house. With the song’s beautiful music and lyrics plus the divine voice of the singer, this one is definitely one of the best to listen to. 

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What are the best gambling songs of all time?

Songs about gambling #15. The Card Cheat by The Clash

Although it is hard to resist singing along with the song, the lyrics are rather dark. And, this talks about a gambler who always cheats. But, he was caught in the end.

Final thoughts about songs about gambling

This are just some the best songs of all time. The list could go on for there are hundreds of gambling song that could set you in the mood of gambling.

Gambling Songs FAQs

What are the top 5 best songs about gambling?

The Gambler, The Ace of Spades, Poker Face, Viva Las Vegas, and Luck Be A Lady are one of the best songs of all time about gambling.

Can you list your top 5 poker songs?

Waking Up In Vegas, Diamond Jack, Aces of Spades, The Dealer, and Poker Face is my top favourite poker song of all time.

Can you recommend gambling songs about dice?

Gambling Man, Roll of the Dice, and Tumbling Dice is the best dice song of all time.

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